We use the present perfect continuous to talk about a finished activity in the recent past. - positive, negative and interrogative sentences. I like fruits. Present Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences. [ Present Continuous and Present Simple Tenses ] google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; teachers...)", Both The present progressive tense is often overused by non-native speakers of English. It is used to state an ongoing action that has started at a point in the past. Why aren’t you doing your homework? I am drinking juice. She is watching a movie. When we have to make negative sentences, we use not after helping verb. We are not (aren’t) learning English at this moment. Created by: Nikita Kovalyov His wife doesn’t set the table. Subject Explanations: Present Continuous Tense Simple Present Rules Simple Present vs Continuous Simple Past Tense Past Continuous Tense Subject Exercises: Present Continuous Exercises 1 Negative Sentences – Subject + BE NOT + Ving. Online exercises Present continuous, questions and Present continuous negative sentences. Examples are given below. short form: I 'm not watch ing TV. Present Continuous Exercises – Negative Sentences Exercise 1: Multiple Choice Quiz. Tip! I'm not play ing football. make a negative Present Continuous Tense sentence? //-->. [ Practice Forming Present Continuous ] Present Continuous Tense Examples ️ Positive Sentences: Present Continuous Tense Structure: Subject + am/is/are + verb + ing • The monkey is climbing the tree. I am not watch ing TV. We are playing computer games. Interrogative Sentence. It should only be used in the following contexts: To describe an incomplete action which is in progress at the moment of speaking; usually with time expressions such as: now, at the moment, right now. They are running fast. English Present continuous exercises. I am studying English at school. Sheis not (isn’t) listening the music now. Present Progressive – Negations – Long forms – Exercise 1 Task No. Present Continuous and Present Simple Tenses, Yes/No Questions in the Present Continuous Tense, The verb to be - the Present Simple Tense, Should and Shouldn't - When to use and how to use. [ The ING Forms Of The Verbs ] "he, The present perfect tense is used to express a past event that has happened at an unspecified time where the exact time is not known and also is not necessarily completed. He is jumping on the bed. 4063 Put in the verb in brackets into the gap and form negative sentences in Present Progressive. The present perfect continuous is also called present perfect progressive. The students are sleeping. More activities on the Eclectic English Home Page. (negative) Am I feeling thirsty? [ Positive Sentences ] progressive or simple present -4. We have narrated 50 sentences (affirmative, negative and interrogative) for your practice. To make negative statements in Present Simple, we use: do not (don’t) / does not (doesn’t) + the base form of the verb (infinitive without ‘to’). To form negative sentences in the present continuous tense we add not after the verb to be and before the present participle(ING) that you want to use. He’s still painting it; Jimmy has been working as a postman since 2009. she, it and singular nouns (for example: Tom, boy, man, teacher...)", "you, Rule: Sub+is/am/are+V1 ing. We love flying kites. So all about Present Continuous Tense In Urdu Exercise Sentences has been presented here. [ The ING Forms Of The Verbs ] With the subject "I" we use the auxilary verb "am" + not + verb -ing. I hope these examples will help the students to understand this tense better. I'm not going home. Present Continuous Tense indicate an action which is in progress at the time of speaking or at the present time. We suggest you to make your practice online by sending your comments in the following comment box. How do we If you have no idea what word should go next, you can click on all the words one by one. They are learning Spanish now. Mary is at university. Detail. The activity is finished and we can see the results of it I have been… Compare: Present continuous exercises. [ Present Continuous Test ] Forming a negative . He is still working as a … I, ke saath hamlog Am ka use karte hai. A revision of the present continuous tense (present progressive), beginning with the gerund form, then the revision of to be and exercise... 729 Downloads Negative Present Continuous We hope that you are now fully aware and learned the Present Continuous tenses and ready to make your own sentences of present continuous tenses. Formation : Subject + helping verb ( is, am, are) + not + 1 st form of verb + ing + object. we, they and plural nouns (for example: Tom and Ted, boys, men, As you can see the present continuous tense is most often used in English grammar to describe a continuing action, something that in unfinished. [ English Action and State verbs ] Do we love flying kites? Present Continuous Tense. Young is not clapping and dancing. ♦ Negative Questions In Present Continuous Tense ♦ ∎ Present Continuous is used to speak about going on actions . Tip! [ Present Continuous Test ]. Do I like fruits? Exercise.Click on the words in the correct order to make negative sentences in the Present Continuous Tense. A time-reference is also used in the sentence to show that when the action started in past or for how long the action continued. Practice making negative present continuous tense sentences with these present continuous exercises.. Form: Subject Sheis listening the music now. google_color_border = "CC6600"; Also, the following fourth, fifth and sixth sentences represent negative sentences in Present Perfect Continuous form and the last three sentences are interrogative. Questions. He, She, Name, It, ke saath hamlog Is ka use karte hai Continuous and Non-continuous Verbs, Present Momin is not riding a horse. Negative sentences in Present Simple. My father and mother aren't drinking coffee. If you would like to download PDF exercise worksheets about the present continuous tense then check out the section at the bottom of this page.. Example: I am not playing the guitar. Using the present perfect continuous focuses on the activity. Negative. google_ad_channel ="2154566617"; google_ad_height = 250; google_ad_type = "text_image"; Elementary level esl, esol, ielts How to Form Negative Questions In Present Continuous Tense : The present continuous tense Negative Sentence is formed with Am I not + ing form of the main verbs . I am speaking English. Negative of present continuous tense. Exercise [A] Complete the following sentence by using the appropriate verb form to make it a Present continuous sentence. The Importance of Present Continuous Tense. + auxiliary verb + not+ main verb-ing  + object. Forming negative sentences in the present continuous is the same process as forming them in the simple present: 'I cook' → I do not cook. We are learning English at this moment. Negative sentences in Present Continuous. [ Yes/No Questions ] Continuous (Progressive) Tense, How do we Rule: Is/Am/Are+Sub+V1 ing. Positive Sentences – Subject + BE + Ving. make a negative Present Continuous Tense sentence? Updated: June 2004, [ Present Continuous Tense - When to use ] To say we are not doing something at the moment in Present Continuous, we use: am/is/are + not + the ‘-ing’ form of the verb [ Information Questions ] This tense express an action that started in past and continued to present or recently stopped. Like the Simple Present Tense, Present Continuous Tense can also be classified into three different types of sentences i.e. English Simple Present Tense Positive, Negative, Question Examples POSITIVE NEGATIVE QUESTION His wife sets the table. We negate the helping verb instead of directly negating the main verb: "I cook" does not become "I cook not". [ Present Continuous Tense - When to use ] For instance, a boy says, “I am drinking water”. 1. Please follow the list about Structure of Present Continuous Tense; The tenses simply show the time of an action. 100+ Present Continuous Tense Examples Here we have shared more than 100 examples of Present Continuous Tense. Present, continuous tense example sentences, example sentences in present continuous tense in english, 10 Sentences of Present Continuous Tense; The boys are playing football after school. Affirmative Sentences. [ Practice Forming Present Continuous ] This page explains the rules. Vote for our website! Rule: Sub+is/am/are+not+V1 ing. My mother is cooking dinner in the kitchen now. Click on the words in the correct order to make Negative Sentence. ( go, drive, behave, play, come, look, stay, wait, work, increase ) Thomas _____ at my company. Active sentences in the present continuous tense have the following structure: Subject + is/are/am + -ing form of the verb + object Passive sentences in the present continuous tense have the following structure: Object of the active sentence + is/are/am + being + past participle form of the verb + by + subject of the active sentence. Learn how to form Yes/No Questions in the Present Continuous Tense. I don’t like fruits. English Present continuous exercises. google_ad_format = "300x250_as"; To form a question in the Present Continuous tense we change the order of the subject and the verb to be. Negatives in the present continuous are formed by adding not or n't after the verb BE: Positive sentence Negative Form of Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense. Your browser must support Java Script in order to be able to do this exercise. My son doesn’t make his bed. google_color_url = "0000FF"; Read the sentence and choose the correct negative form. It is called progressive tense because it refers to actions which are currently in progress at the time of speaking. Jis sentences ke end me RAHA HAI, RAHI HAI, RAHE HAI, RAHE HO aae to use ham present Continuous Tense kehte hai. google_ad_width = 300; 10 Examples of Past Continuous Tense October 27, 2018 Future Perfect Tense Examples Sentences November 4, 2018 Present Indefinite Tense Negative Sentences Examples March 9, 2020 Simple Compound and Complex Sentences January 23, 2018 Articles A, An, The January 23, 2018 15 Examples of Past Perfect Tense October 30, 2018 Noun Meaning and Examples So… These actions are occurring exactly at the time of speaking. If you have no idea what word should go next, you can [ Negative Sentences ] We don’t love flying kites. google_color_text = "000000"; He is singing a song. Present Continuous Tense (Negative) Positive Negative I am listening to music. [ Yes/No Questions ] Present Continuous Tense is used to describe a continued or an on-going action of the present. Form: Subject + auxiliary verb + not+ main verb-ing + object. [ Positive Sentences ] [ Present Continuous and Present Simple Tenses ] (short answer) more examples of present continuous. Girls are not making noise. Exercise. [ English Action and State verbs ] Exercise: Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Simple present and present progressive exercises affirmative, negative, interrogative. We will further understand the three forms of sentences in Present Perfect Continuous Tense with the help of suitable examples and structural formula. Present Perfect Tense Sentences (50 Examples of Affirmative, Negative & Interrogative Sentences). Present continuous negative sentences Free tutorial Present continuous. I am not listening to music. Simple Sentence. She’s studying chemistry. Does his wife set the table? English grammar easy to learn. google_color_link = "0000FF"; Ali has been painting the room for 2 hours. PRESENT CONTINUOUS/PROGRESSIVE TENSE This post includes detailed expressions about present continuous tense and its structures in english. Suzan is ironing her clothes right now. Examples: He is not taking a bath. negative sentences in the Present Continuous Tense. It is to be noted that the Simple Present form of verb drink, dance, move, sing, write, and ride are replaced by their ‘ing’ form in Present Continuous Tense. (question) No, I am not feeling thirsty. google_ad_client = "pub-6676379291085385"; [ Information Questions ] My son makes his bed.